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Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to boost your confidence and instantly add thickness and length to your natural hair. Highlights or lowlights can also be created using extensions as an alternative to colouring it. So, whether you want longer thicker and more luscious hair or just a subtle change, hair extensions may be right for you.

I offer four different methods of hair extensions - Nano Ring, Micro Ring. Micro Ring Weave & Tape Extensions. Each method is explained in more detail below. 

Every client is welcome to a free consultation and colour match. I talk you through all aftercare and maintenance information whilst fitting your hair extensions, and offer ongoing support after your fitting appointment.

If you have any questions please contact me and we can have a chat.

Free Consultation

Consultations are free of charge and generally take around 15-30 minutes. During the consultation, we will discuss the look you wish to achieve and choose the best type of hair extensions for you.

Colour matching is carried out to find the perfect match to your natural hair colour to give the best and most natural finish.

Contact me to arrange your free consultation or, if you have any questions that you cannot find answers to on my website and social platforms.

Nano Ring Extensions

  • For this technique the extension hair strands are attached to very small sections of your natural hair, which is secured with a small metal ring.
  • The rings are 2.5mm wide and are made of copper with a silicone lining to grip and protect the natural hair.
  • No glue or heat involved.
  • Very discrete as the rings are so tiny and therefore able to be applied higher up on the head if necessary.
  • The rings are clamped securely was in position.
  • If your hair is very silky, oily or naturally straight they can slide off.
  • Suited to light coloured hair.
  • Need to be fully removed and re-fitted after two to three months wear but the hair can be re-used.

Application Time: 2 – 4 Hours / Refit Time: 2-3 Months / Suitable For: Most Types Of Hair

Micro Ring Extensions

  • Just like nano rings his technique combines strands of natural hair with the extension hair, which is secured in place with a small ring.
  • These rings measure at 5mm wide and also made of copper with a silicone lining to grip.
  • No glue or heat involved.
  • Suited to dark coloured hair.
  • Available in a variety of different colours to match your hair colour.
  • The removal process for micro rings is very quick and easy as the rings are just opened, and the extensions slide off.

Application Time: 1.5 – 3 Hours / Refit Time: 6-8 Weeks / Suitable For: Medium – Thick Hair / Darker Hair Colours

Micro Ring Weave

  •  This method is a combination of installing micro rings and sewing a weft of hair onto the track of rings.
  • The rings and extensions lay flat to the head.
  • This technique has a minimal number of rings compared with other methods.
  • Rings are silicone lined to prevent any damage to your natural hair.
  • Damage, glue and heat-free.
  • Quick installation time depending on the amount of hair.
  • Need to be fully removed and re-fitted during your maintenance appointment and the hair can be re-used.

Application Time: 1.5-3 Hours / Refit Time: 6-8 Weeks / Suitable For: Most Hair Types

Tape Extensions

  • Tape hair extensions are small 4cm wide wefts the tape is applied to both the top and bottom of each section of your natural hair.
  • It is considered one of the most efficient and fastest hair extension applications.
  • Kind to your hair lays completely flat and is damage free.
  • Installation lasts approximately 6-8 weeks and withstands washing and brushing.
  • Removal takes place with a specially formulated hair extension remover and ensures the tape extensions glide gently off your hair.

Application Time: 30 Minutes – 1.5 Hours / Refit Time: 6-8 Weeks / Suitable For: Most Hair Types

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